Rowan Burn

Rowan Burn –Australia’s Leading Property Mentor

  • Founder of Market First – Australia’s Leading Property Investors Club with over 1200 members
  • Co-owner of a $17 Million property portfolio
  • Responsible for sourcing over $150 Million of premium property for his clients

In this special report you will discover:

  • The 3 psychological elements that guarantee wealth
  • How to Determine your financial blueprint – and change it if you’re not on track
  • The biggest misunderstanding around wealth psychology
  • How to turn any financial lose into new opportunity and wealth
  • Discover the 8 step process to get more cash in your pocket
  • The three levels of investing that you must follow
  • And why understanding the law of conservation is your greatest tool for building self worth and net worth

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"What about me! It isn't fair... I've had enough now, I want my share"

It’s easy to look back at the ‘good old days’… and wish we were born then. You know, when people bought a 3 bed room house for $19,000… that’s now worth $1.3 Million. Nowadays many of us look at the property market and think.

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Do I Really Want Wealth?

You may think of course I do, that's why I say I want it! After spending hundreds of hours in one on one consultations with people I’ll let you in on what I’ve discovered. What we say we want for our lives and what we are actually willing to do to make it happen is often not congruent.

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Does Australia Have a Housing Bubble?

When it comes to the property market, Australia is in a unique position compared to the rest of the world. Apparently we have a housing bubble; in fact the doomsayers have been preaching it for over a decade, yet here we are.

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How Can I Create More Wealth?

The biggest question clients always ask me is “ how can I create more wealth in my life?” and after hundreds of hours of consulting work I see the same dynamics playing out. Let me explain.

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“... I first started working with rowan to help improve my sporting performance. Rowan has helped me understand that playing sport is not just about the physical action we take but the mental action we take as well.”
Josh Whitehouse - Amateur Golfer Winner 2010 Sydney lakes valndon event

“ I have been consistently working with Rowan Burn since January 2009. I find Rowan’s honest appreciation of life allows him to give specialized individual care that is very supportive of my journey and me.”
Majella Lucy - Businesswoman and entrepreneur “The Glen” Clifton QLD

“ You helped me pause for thought and a new clarity and determination came. I have since built the business back up and have now sold at a profit! So, my thanks to you and blessings for your future. ”
Stephanie Handley

“ I look forward to continuing to work with Rowan and cannot recommend his services more highly to anyone who wants to make real and lasting changes to their life ”
Jason Cook - Melbourne

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